7 Features Of A Well-Done Homework For College


College is an important phase in the life of a student. It is the bridge and a platform where an immature teen transforms into a matured adult. College prepares you for the corporate world as it is a trailer of the things you will encounter in your future life. However, a college degree is worth only if you get good grades in your transcript and substandard grades don’t get too much consideration in today’s corporate world. One important way to secure a good grade is to do your school work which is assigned to you on a daily, weekly, monthly or a semester basis because this leaves a good impression on your teacher and helps in securing extra marks that aid in getting a good grade. But, completing your homework just for the sake of completion isn’t enough. It is important that the work you submit is of the highest quality and shows the effort you’ve put in. That’s why today I will enlighten you with seven key features that are present in every good work.

The Seven Features:

Here are the seven essentials that should be part of every homework you submit:

  1. Presentations: No matter what you do or write. Presentation of work is very important. A neatly presented work will get you more marks because it looks more appealing and visually aesthetic.
  2. Good Cover Page: You should be proud of your work and own it, that’s why you should submit your assignment with a good cover page which clearly has your name and student ID written so that the teacher knows that it's your work.
  3. Punctuality: No matter how great your work is, if you’re late in submission, then it is of no use. That’s why always try to submit your work one day before the deadline.
  4. Proofread: Check and Re-check your work at least twice so that chances of errors are nil.
  5. Completeness: It is important that you solve each and every question and don’t omit anything from your work.
  6. Honesty: An assignment is supposed to test your knowledge, so it is advised, to be honest and do your work by yourself
  7. Rough Work: Always show the rough work you have done so that the teacher knows that you’re putting in your 100%.


These are the seven key features which if you include in your homework will make it stand out from others.