How to be a Successful Student in and out of Class

Here are some further suggestions regarding how to become a successful student:

All good students have studies as their top priority – they know that under no circumstance is it replaceable. Thus, they work according to a schedule where everything else comes secondary to schedule. For example, meeting a friend can be cancelled or delayed but completing your essay will be of crucial importance.

When in school, you must carry all that is required in class starting from books to stationary products. A good student will carry books that they need such as copies, review sheets and more.

Organisation always helps in successful completion of a work. You can maintain a file for homework assignments, divided into different sections according to the subjects or keep completely separate books for each subject. If your course entails writing a lot of papers, you could classify and organise them in a single folder with separate leaves.

Concentration is another backbone behind doing well in studies. Pay attention to what the teacher is saying in class. In fact, you might not need homework help if you pay close attention to what the teacher is saying in classes. Ask them as many questions as you like but be clear about what you are going to work on. If you are someone who is never able to remember what has happened, you could try to note all that is happening in class. When the class is going on, try and avoid talking or chatting. Don’t disturb others when the class is going on.

However, don’t pressurise yourself to study for a fixed number of hours or in a particular way. Some students can manage by studying 2 hours a day while there are many who study throughout the day. When you sit down to study, keep your mobile phones, tablets and the like away to help you concentrate better. Instead of studying for 2-3hours at a stretch you could also take breaks in between. Avoid watching television during these breaks, take a power nap or help your mother with home chores or strum the guitar – just don’t get yourself too engrossed in something.